iQphone & iQnumber

  • 1. What is iQphone Number?

    • iQphone Number is a VoIP phone service launched by Qoo10.
    • iQphone Number provides DID type iQphone Number in many countries including the United States and offers the most convenient and low price internet telephone service.
    • iQphone Number also offers Smart Conference, Smart Forwarding, Smart Roaming, Smart ARS, and Smart Access. If you are using an iQphone Device, you can also reap the benefit of Smart Group/Call, Extension Number features to create Smart Home & Office environment.
  • 2. What is iQphone Number?

    • iQphone Number is a personal phone number used for make and receive calls using iQphone Number.
    • To use iQphone Number service, you need to choose a country of your choice for iQphone Number.
    • Multiple iQphone Numbers are allowed per person.
  • 3. iQphone Number Rate

    • iQphone Number is a paid service with a monthly fees.
    • If you have an iQphone Number, you can make local and international calls at the lowest possible rate.
    • You can pay for iQphone Number services using callpoints.
    • Prices by country (monthly): Japan 300 callpoints, South Korea 200 callpoints, USA 150 callpoints.
    Worldwide free call between iQphone users
    • China
    • Hongkong
    • Japan
    • Singapore
    • USA
    • Korea
    • Idonesia
    • Malaysia
    Cheap international / domestic
    • U.S.A 2 Call point/min
    • Singapore 2 Call point/min
    • South Korea 4 Call point/min
    • Japan 20 Call point/min
    • China 3 Call point/min
    • Hong Kong 2 Call point/min
    • Indonesia 6 Call point/min
    • Malaysia 6 Call point/min

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